Why You Should Use a Local Internet Provider

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While it might feel nice to support your local businesses, you may wonder if there are any actual benefits to supporting a local Internet provider — and the answer is yes. In this quick blog post, we address why you should use a local Internet provider over a national competitor. 

Why Local Internet Service Providers (ISP) Are Better 

Below are just a few reasons why consumers prefer local ISPs over national companies. 

Personalized Customer Service

Local ISPs can deliver far more friendly and personalized customer services that can’t be matched by larger companies. Large companies handle thousands of people contacting their call centers every day, making it difficult to connect with individual clients. With a local ISP, you can rest easy knowing that an experienced and knowledgeable agent will be able to take the time to serve you. 

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Provides Flexible Solutions

Calls that you make to most of the large corporations will often end in frustration simply because you can’t get the answers you need from them. This is because they will often work with many restrictions in place, and offer little flexibility to provide the solution you’re looking for. Local ISPs will be able to understand your needs and work with a smaller, more cohesive team to provide you with the answers you need. 

They Genuinely Care 

Your local ISP cares about your business because just like you, they are also operating locally. They want you to succeed as much as you do and will care about your satisfaction in order to build a working and personal relationship with you and your business. It’s this genuine care that sets them apart from their bigger counterparts. 

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Serving the Community 

Working and living in the same community as their customers allows local ISPs to understand your current situation. They are aware of things happening within the local economy and invested in the success of the community’s residents and businesses. Thus, they’ll aim to provide the best services they can for your needs. As a community partner, they will always think of what’s best for you and provide high-speed Internet throughout the area’s broadband infrastructure. 

Amplex Internet Is the Future

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