Home Phone Service

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Affordable and Reliable VoIP Home Phone Service

Amplex offers a comprehensive VoIP home phone service that allows you to make and receive calls using your standard analog phones. With our home phone service, you can significantly reduce your telephone costs and enjoy a variety of features.

  • Unlimited Local and Long-Distance Calls: Enjoy unlimited calls within the US and Canada for just $20.00 per month (+sales tax).

  • Caller ID and Call Forwarding: Know who’s calling with our caller ID feature and never miss important calls with call forwarding.

  • Voicemail: Access your messages anytime with our reliable voicemail service.

  • Affordable Pricing: A flat rate of $20.00 per month with a $50.00 activation fee (waived if installed at time of Amplex Internet service)

Want to transfer your existing phone number?  No problem! For instructions and the forms to transfer your number,  click here.

          VoIP Home Phone Service Benefits

          - Cost-Effective: Save money on your home phone bills with our VoIP phone service.
          - Easy to Use: No special dialing or complicated phones needed; use your existing analog phones.
          - Local Support: Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any
          issues or questions.

          Internet Phone Service for Home

          Our Internet phone service for home is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Internet service, providing a reliable and high-quality voice connection. Whether you’re making local calls or long-distance calls to friends and family across the country, Amplex has you covered.

          Note: Amplex residential phone service is not compatible with fax machines, landline security systems, and landline-based services such as Life Alert. We recommend contacting your provider to check for VoIP-compatible options.

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