Must-have Elements of Great Web Hosting

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Web hosting is one of the keys to a successful website. Similar to ensuring a strong foundation for your home, you’ll want your site’s foundation (aka the web host) to be credible too. Apart from providing space, web hosts offer better security, support, backup, and can even help you achieve higher search engine rankings. 

Thus, when choosing a web hosting provider, you’ll want to consider reliability, security, speed, space, bandwidth, support, and affordability. Doing so can help you attract more site visitors and increase your business revenue.  


If your website frequently goes down, then you’ll lose a huge number of visitors. This means suffering from lower profits and a bad reputation. Thus, your site shouldn’t be down, even for a short time. It should be reliable enough and have 99.9% uptime. Before choosing a web host provider, find out their guaranteed uptime and policies and read reviews online to ensure reliability. 

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Speed can affect the whole user experience and search engine optimization (SEO.) Visitors to your site also expect it to load in five seconds or less. Otherwise, they will look somewhere else. You don’t want that, so test the site of the web host provider and their clients to verify how fast the load time is. 


Various files for your images and videos consume disk space. If your site is heavily based on photos and videos, then you’ll need more space. This means you can have more elements on your site — more ways to attract potential customers. Disk space limitations will also help you determine the right package for you according to your needs. 


Imagine how frustrated you’ll be if you get kicked out of your favorite restaurant because they’ll only accept 100 customers, and you’re the 101st. The same goes for bandwidth. Your visitors will access your site and files, taking up bandwidth while the data is transferred. Thus, you’ll need a hosting solution that can accommodate the amount of bandwidth you need. Look at the bandwidth limits to see if these suffice for all your traffic. 

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When you’re in the middle of watching an intense movie scene, the last thing you’ll want to experience is a technical problem when there’s no one to assist you. Similar to managing your site, you may encounter problems that you can’t solve alone. Thus, you need excellent technical support that should be available in different channels. These include live chat, calls, and email support. 


Every year, cyberattacks cost both small and medium businesses over $2.2 million. If you want a strong defense against cyberattacks, you’ll need a trusted web host provider that can help you secure your content and protect your users’ sensitive information.


You need a web hosting company that offers reasonable rates while meeting your needs. Factors like security and reliability shouldn’t be compromised. Choose the solution that provides the best value for money. 

Great web hosting is reliable and secure with impressive speed, enough bandwidth, great customer support, and reasonable rates. At Amplex Internet, we offer various hosting plans that meet your varying needs. Check out our page for more details.