The Amplex Internet Story

Local Internet Broadband Since 1997

Many people do not know that Amplex has been around since the 1960s. We originally started as an electrical contractor that morphed into an electrical engineering firm. One of the owners moved to Luckey, Ohio and noticed that there was no Internet service available we decided to start our own Internet service. We ordered up a T1, a dial up modem bank, and a couple of computers and we were ready to go. We quickly realized that we did not know as much as we thought, but we learned quickly and soon expanded our service area to Toledo and Bowling Green. Business grew rapidly from 1995 to 2003.

Today, we are a northwest Ohio-based Internet service provider that uses fixed-position wireless technology to provide affordable, reliable broadband Internet access to thousands of households and businesses throughout northwest Ohio.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide broadband Internet service

to areas that the larger providers weren’t interested in serving.

By helping to bridge the ‘digital divide,” we ensure everyone has access to Web-based information and services that will allow local communities and businesses to compete in the global economy.

Our company was founded on and operates around the core principles below:

  • Deliver excellent customer service. Always.

  • Long-term Growth – We invest in people, communities, technology and equipment with the goal of creating long-term gain for our investors and employees.

  • Integrity – Doing what is fair and honest.

  • Engineering Excellence – Design simple, elegant solutions that scale and conserve resources.

  • Positive Work Environment – We strive to create an enjoyable work environment that respects and rewards our employees for their contributions.

We still think it’s important that when you call our office, we answer the phone. That is why our office is staffed with knowledgeable service professionals to answer questions and assist with scheduling your free, no-obligation appointment.

–  Mark Radabaugh, President