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As we approach the one-year anniversary of the quarantine’s start, many of us are reflecting on how different our work setups are now than they were at the beginning of 2020. A large number of people have transitioned to working from home. As this setup continues to work well, more and more businesses are closing their offices and opting to have people work from home indefinitely.

In some ways, this is fantastic (hello, dog pets during lunch breaks). In others, it presents unique issues for workers. One issue that has become a theme is technical problems, which most office workers are poorly equipped to manage alone.

Here are some common work-from-home tech issues and what you can do if they happen to you.

1.    Spotty WiFi

One of the biggest concerns is unreliable WiFi signal, making it impossible to participate in Zoom meetings or dependably send and receive emails. A long-term fix for this issue is to opt for a mesh WiFi system. These options provide your home with a WiFi “blanket,” so the signal is more accessible throughout the house.

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2.    Noise

We love our kids and family, but they can be incredibly noisy. Investing in noise-canceling headphones or even soundproofing your office can help immensely and save your reputation at work.

3.    Slow Internet

Sometimes your Internet coverage area is fine, but it takes forever to load simple web pages and photos. This, again, presents challenges when it comes to video conferencing. Improving your broadband strength and updating your equipment should help you receive a signal to keep up with your demands.

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4.    Sub-Par Screens

Many offices provide large computer monitors so that workers have a larger space to work with. This can also help you avoid eye fatigue and squinting from looking at a small screen. If your laptop screen is hurting your eyes, consider buying a larger monitor for your work projects. Other ways to avoid eye fatigue include using blue light blocking glasses, eye drops, and taking breaks.

5.    Distractions

Adjusting to the fact that both your book collection and TV remote are within arm’s reach while you’re working can be difficult. We’re programmed to think that we need to work constantly to be productive. The reality is, though, we take breaks all the time, even when we’re in the office. Whether it’s a coffee run or a bathroom break, or a quick social media check, it’s normal to take time to yourself while you work. Try to embrace the fact that you have more options at home!

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