3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to VoIP


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Technology continues to change and shape how we interact and communicate with one another. This change is greatly impacting business communications. With the use of social networking, fast connections, and increased customer demands, the business world has a lot to keep up with. Customer acquisition and retention can be increasingly difficult with these new ways of connection. Traditional landlines can no longer keep up for many businesses. Today, many are making the decision to switch to VoIP services. This is a telephone service that operates through the computer and digital world.

Switching to VoIP has numerous benefits for both the business and the consumer.

Increased Data Security

Telecommunication scams are getting increasingly worse, and the need for digital security has never been higher. VoIP can help businesses avoid these scamming issues. The information security technology helps to monitor any suspicious activity. As a business, worrying about these issues is taken off your plate. Instead, your VoIP vendor will monitor your system and alert you to any potential security issues.

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Given everything that happened in 2020, the ability to be mobile has gained increased importance. The VoIP system comes with an app for both mobile and desktop devices. This allows your team to manage calls on the road, attend meetings from home, and easily transfer calls from a variety of lines without interrupting the call. This system also includes other technology tools such as IM, group chats, teleconferences, and so much more! This allows for a streamlined way to work from both the home and office.

Personalized Customer Support

The customer experience is key in gaining and maintaining your customer base. Especially with the rise in technology, customers have a raised expectation when it comes to communicating with a business. There is an expectation of quick and easy responses and solutions. VoIP makes customer interactions faster and more enjoyable. Smart Case reporting allows for quick pathways to the right person when it comes to customer concerns. VoIP also allows for call recording, which can be useful for all levels of your team. It allows managers and HR to monitor the way calls are completed, as well as helps to ensure customer service continues to improve.

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Ready to Make the Switch?


Making this switch is easy! You need a high-speed, broadband internet connection and you should team up with a well-qualified provider. You’ll want to work with a name that can be trusted and has proven its ability to meet industry standards.

If you are ready to make the switch, Amplex Internet is ready to help. Our experienced team of qualified individuals is ready to help your business take the next leap into streamlined, reliable, online communications. Contact us today to get started.